Magehunter (coming soon)

Kana’s Journey (Book One)
Genre: Modern Fantasy, Anthropomorphic/Furry. (An argument could be made that it’s more SF, as genetics is discussed a bit.)

Place: The Sanctuary, formerly known as the state of Oregon.

Time: Indeterminate. Near-ish future most likely.

For many years, some children have been born with a genetic mutation. These children begin to make unusual changes after they hit puberty. Between the ages of 15 and 25, they begin turning into certain types of animals. Mammals, mostly. The dominant species are both domestic and while felines and canines, as well as pandas, stoats, ferrets and others. Nothing with scales yet. And no smaller rodents. The changes are painful, but come with some attributes of the animals they appear similar to.

Kana Azarola is one of many. Increasing hatred and injustices against The Marked (those with the genetic mutation) have led to a one state, Oregon, being turned over to a non-profit group of Marked individuals. The Sanctuary. Born in Florida and raised in New Orleans by her ally father, Kana is forced to relocate there as an adult from her home. Laws passed and upheld there made Marked individuals second class citizens and not allowed equality under any circumstances. What they don’t expect is that Kana’s voice is loud and will not back down, even from behind the walls of The Sanctuary.

The Beginning (Book Two)


I was one of the first. No one before me that I knew of. My father disowned me, my mother handed me her own savings and helped me pack my bags. Little did I know that they were not just kicking me out, but sending me to the Asylum. Since I was sixteen, I was still legally a minor and someone they could rule over. I was different, but I didn’t know how different. Over the next two years, I found out. I was changing. When I turned eighteen, I was given my papers and my belongings I walked in with. I was a free woman. Only not a human anymore. My body still had the basic shape of a human, but I was not one. I had fur, a tail, and my human ears were gone with large cat ears higher up on my head.

When I walked out of the gate, a van was waiting for me. The sliding side door opened. The driver was canine, but like me, and the others in the back were different species in human-esque form as well. Keme set one foot down on the pavement and waved to me to join them.

My life was just beginning then. I had no idea what was going to happen next, but I knew that for the first time in my life, I was not alone.


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