Library Cat Chronicles (series page)

What happens when a young librarian ends up going to the new Mars base with her over-sized Siamese? All hell breaks loose, that’s what. The first installment of the LC Chronicles came out in 2009.

Library Cat-A-Log

Danie James lands a job as the Archivist and Librarian on the barely-two-year-old base on Mars. She’s replacing the matronly – and quite stern – establishing librarian Mrs. Byrne. Little does Danie know that her constant companion, Milo, is more than just a pretty face and chubby ball of fluff. Much more!

Library Cat-A-Log
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Library Cat-A-Clysm
Danie’s world turns upside down once again. She’s settling into her life, knowing where she stands with those from her past. Right? Wrong. Danie learns that people aren’t always entirely what they seem, the hard way. What she’s known isn’t what she was always led to believe, and that she’s respected and loved even more than she realized.
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Library Cat-A-Pult
The third in the series, and still needing to be finished. Danie and her rag-tag crew venture well beyond the confines of Mars and their life they’ve grown accustomed to. Coming (likely) in 2015. Two others are going to be worked on for 2014.

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