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2/1/18: Good Times… maybe

On the pro side: The personal side is keeping me from doing pro stuff and other things.

On the personal side: Of all the things to flare up after years of near-dormancy, tendinitis. My right wrist, to be exact. Which makes using a computer miserable. And yet, I am. Still in a tentative housing situation, and still only one cat. I had to amend my Bio page. I’m coming up on the 1 year anniversary (2/3, Saturday) of having to put JoJo to sleep. It still hurts. I miss my ornery soul-cat.

The Facebook page is 1 Like shy of 200.

JoJo (featured image) is instructing you from over the Rainbow Bridge to go to FB and click like.

I will get more stuff up as I peruse through the Wayback Machine. Patience and pain meds willing.


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